Lagarde Autoclaves

Hall: 6 Stand: L17

Lagarde Autoclaves® brings to its customers the thermal treatment solution (sterilization, pasteurization, cooking), suitable to their needs regardless their products and packages: - Fruits, vegetables, raw or processed - Meat and products based on meat - Dairy products - Fish and sea food - Ready meals - Baby food - Pets food, etc… Founded in 1921, Lagarde Autoclaves is the worldwide Leader in manufacturing and commercializing of Steam & Air retorts. In 1972, aware of the global issues with energy consumption, Lagarde Autoclaves developed and patented an outstanding sterilization technology : the Steam & Air process that have been improved for more than 45 years. This unique thermal treatment is and will remain the most efficient, accurate and reliable system on the market.

Telephone: +33475905870
Address:ZI Montchamp, 285 Impasse Nicolas Appert, 26780 Malataverne, France

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  • Chemical Manufacturing
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