11 MAR - 14 MAR 2025

Johannesburg Expo Centre

IPCO International AB

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IPCO is the world’s leading manufacturer of stainless and carbon steel belts for the food processing industry, where they are used as a conveying and processing medium in applications as diverse as baking, cooling, freezing, drying, steaming and more.

IPCO steel belts are highly versatile, maintaining their strength and flexibility at operating temperatures from minus 80°C to +750°C. They can be supplied in solid form, or perforated to provide a longer-lasting, lighter alternative to wire mesh belts, and can be manufactured to virtually any length or width.

One of the key advantages of processing food products on a steel belt is the high standard of hygiene that can be maintained. The complete lack of crevices, textures or fibres in a solid steel belt conveyor means there is nowhere for bacteria to hide, and the strong, flat surface enables fast, efficient and easy cleaning.

IPCO’s largest market in the food industry is baking, where the excellent thermal properties, lightness and durability of steel belts makes them ideal for a wide range of baked products including cookies, granola bars, cakes, brownies and more.

Another major market is chocolate and confectionery, where the exceptional thermal qualities of IPCO steel belts means they are widely used for cooling and solidification applications. IPCO is also a leading supplier of process equipment for this market, including forming systems for chocolate, caramel and other confectionery products.

While most of IPCO’s focus is on the manufacture of steel belts, the company can also provide support in the form of conveyor system design and the supply of conveyor components ranging from bearings and frames to advanced tracking solutions.

The company has fully trained and equipped service teams on the ground in all key markets, as well as a Special Engineering team who can travel anywhere in the world to troubleshoot issues and provide specialist support in the form of conveyor system upgrades.

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Maanda Mafunisa

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South Africa